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  • People who love to control others loses control of themselves and sabotages their destines and those under their influence.
  • When titles becomes ego food, leadership capacity becomes lean.
  • When financial gain becomes the overriding gain at the expense of people, energy is expended and loss of leadership capacity settles.
  • When you savor looking good above being good and doing good you lack the substance for leadership.
  • When a leader loses focus the essence of leadership is lost.
  • To be genuinely interested in others is to be a genuine leader.
  •   There are three unbreakable cords of leadership: character, compassion and competence.
  • The values you uphold, the value you leave in others and create for others determines your value as a leader.
  • When yiu have an overblown sense of your own importance you overthrow effectiveness and enthrone self-conceit that seats leadership failure.
  • Continuous ego check is needful to prevent becoming an echo that re-sounds inner emptiness rather than a voice that resonates significance.
  • When you lose humility you lose your ground as a leader.
  • Humility is the credence of authority you manifest when you give credit to God for His blessings and acknowledge the contribution of people who enabled you to succeed, knowing that people matter.

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