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  • Living to give to others without hope of return creates an enduring legacy of influence.
  • When you open up your heart to people and love them unconditionally you will get hurt by some but this singular principle will open up a world of possibilities, value creation and unlimited growth of impact which creates the most satisfying and rewarding leadership experience.
  • Merely achieving goals produces short-lived leadership success while attaining personal growth creates long-term leadership advancements.
  • Leadership can be a lonely journey, when loneliness sets in settle for the opportunity of aloneness to get in tune with the Divinity within to turn up the flow of ideas and direction from within.
  • Moments of aloneness should be a daily discipline to gain focus, clarity, ideas and direction to lead effectively,
  • To make the right motions you must filter your emotions.
  • Do your homework before shaping your framework of decisions.
  • Weigh options in the light of long-term consequences to choose the right options for long-term success.
  • Listen to your instinct if you want your leadership to be distinct.
  • You must be able to live with the decisions you make lest you crave to leave the consequences of the decisions you’ve made which may be too late.   

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