SUPERCHARGED: How To Make The Sales (Part 2)

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  • When you know your self-worth you don’t lose your confidence when you lose a sale.
  • Testimonials are marketing “kits” for growing your customers base.
  • A winning self-image is the fundamental principle for a winning sales presentation.
  • Your credibility is your eligibility in making the sale.
  • In making the sale the customer’s perception is vital.
  • The trust bond you have with your customers will determine the bond of loyalty they will have towards you.
  •   Your ability to ask good questions in order to identify needs is your ability to gain clarity in satisfying your customers  needs.
  • You never make the sale when you lose the facial makeover of a smile that overflows from within.
  • You must have a good time meeting people if you must have a good time making the sale.
  • High quality relationship with your customers or clients leads to high customers or clients retention.

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