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  • The longevity of any business hinges on the ability to create and keep customers.
  • Profits commensurates with customers satisfaction, customers retention and customers loyalty.
  • Value creation, customers creation and customers retention creates a viable business venture or organization.
  • Your ability to serve  customers effectively is your ability to drive profits proficiently.
  • The viability of your business venture or organization hinges on your ability to attract and keep the best people both in character and in competence.
  • When you treat employees as highly valuable as you would treat  your high value customers, your employees will in turn treat your customers as highly valuable which leads to customers satisfaction and produces high return on investment.
  • The highest quality and quantity of service produces the highest profits.
  • Meeting customers expectations produces a surviving business.
  • Exceeding customers expectations produces a thriving business.
  • When you amaze your customers your business or organization evolves into the “indispensable” class.    

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  1. Cool. I spent a long time looking for relevant content and found that your article gave me new ideas, which is very helpful for my research. I think my thesis can be completed more smoothly. Thank you.

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