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  • A heart empty of love is a heart that is sick.
  • At the end, what count is: loving God, loving self and loving people.
  • The absence of unconditional love is the presence of negative emotions; the presence of unconditional love is the absence of negative emotions.
  • To love is to really live; to be selfish is to be dis-eased.
  • Without love beauty fades.
  • Raising emotionally healthy children becomes an impossible ordeal without unconditional love.
  • Without love every effort to build a happy marriage becomes abortive.
  • Without love becoming fulfilled and emotionally whole is a futile pursuit.
  • Without love mending broken relationships only end up in disintegration.
  • Without love enjoying good feelings about you is far-fetched.
  • Without love cultivating and maintaining warm friendships becomes an exasperating experience.

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