SUPERCHARGED: How To Make The Sales

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  • When you clarify your customer’s needs you give them clear satisfaction in meeting their needs.
  • When you give your customers more pleasure than anyone else they will give you the pleasure of loyalty above everyone else.
  • When you are improvement-driven you drive sales.
  • You must create a sales appeal to attract a buy appeal.
  • When you are sensitive and attentive to your customers they become receptive towards you.
  • To meet a need is to meet your need for money.
  • Clarify expectation, exceed expectation and you will attract exceeding reward.
  • The art of listening produces the act of selling.
  • Your sensitivity and attentiveness to your customers produces the know-how in making the sales.
  • To master the art of selling yourself is to gain mastery in solving problems in an effective and efficient way.

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