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  • Wealth sticks to those whose focus sticks on wealth rather than have the focus stucked in lack.
  • Until you write down your limiting beliefs about money, you cannot change the limiting beliefs and until you challenge the limiting beliefs you will be unable to change the limiting beliefs,and until change is in place you cannot create financial fortune.
  • Principles makes for principal organizations that rule the marketplace.
  • A  life of quiet desperation is a product of dissipated energy.
  • Your life is as rewarding as the principles you put into motion
  • Nothing just happens; success or failure is made to happen through the making of the thought processes.
  • Nothing happens by chance but it happens by change in thoughts and actions.
  • To make room for desirable changes, leave no room to chance.
  • Everytime your mind is at work creation is at work.
  • To change the condition of your life you must change the convictions of your heart.

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