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  • There is not enough money to go around is a myth; more than enough money goes around when greed is left behind. There is more than enough to go around because money flows through solution-driven ideas and the universe is clogged with solutions, therefore, the universe is clogged with abundance.
  • Money doesn’t grow on trees but it sure grows in the prosperous mindest through ideas.
  • You don’t necessarily have to have money to make money but rather you need to have ideas that meet needs to make money –and as you step out the “how to” will be unraveled as you persistently stay the course.
  • Money is not the root of all evil but rather evil imagination and intent of human thinking is at the root of all evil.
  • People with money are bad or unethical is an illusion because anyone with money or without money could choose to be bad or unethical. Moreover, money is amoral rather what’s in some people make them to choose to acquire and use money in bad or unethical ways because they are immoral.
  • People with lots of money are either selfish or self-centered is an illusion because money only amplifies what’s already in you – generosity or selfishness; humility or pride.
  • Everyone can’t be a millionaire is a great illusion because anyone can choose to develop a millionaire mindset which is at the root of yielding the fruitage of becoming a millionaire in actuality.
  • You can’t buy happiness is a myth; you can buy happiness but you can’t buy joy –happiness could be circumstance based but joy is the fountain that flows within and it is independent of circumstance.
  • Rich people only care about money is an illusion because both rich and poor people are capable of caring only about money but rather you care about what you esteem as important to you –people above money or money above people; you get to choose despite your financial state.
  • If you are rich, you can’t be spiritual is the greatest erroneous belief about money; poverty is not synonymous to spirituality. Spirituality is the state of the heart that is ruled by Divinity  and spirituality should be an advantage in becoming financially rich because there are no limits to the good that can be done in the world when wealth is in the possession of the man or woman who is spiritual.

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