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  • When you hire the best you retire mediocre results.
  • When you surround yourself with people who are smarter than you they complement you and augment results.
  • Never feel intimidated by the best but rather feel inspired by the best and you will become your best.
  • The best quality product you can afford retains longer with longer cost effectiveness.
  • Value quality over quantity if you want to live a qualitative life.
  • Never save money at the expense of time for you can use time to create money but you can never create time with money.
  • When you improve the quality of your life your inner peace is enhanced.
  • Life rewards you with the best when you invest the best into life.
  • The power to excel is your ability to invest in excellence.
  • Your ability to master the use of your time in channeling it into activities of significant value is the power to direct your life and make a difference with your life.

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