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MENTAL DIET: The Power Of Habits To Change Your Life

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“Success is a matter of understanding and religiously practicing specific, simple habits that always lead to success.”


Life presents a fresh start when you develop new and better habits. Every New Year becomes an extension and representation of the old year when the old negative habits pervade negative consequences into the New Year.

The New Year really becomes new with new habits that transform you to a better you which improves the quality of your life while attracting the attainment of your dreams and goals.

The outcome of every year could be predicted by the habits you adopt and adapt to. Nothing brings about debilitating results in life than a deteriorating way of life. And habit is a way of life.

Therefore, “change your habits; change your life” implies changing your old ways of life to a new way of life that makes for successful outcomes in every important area of life while manifesting your aspirations and dreams of accomplishment.


Every habit begins with a thought, accentuates into thought patterns that leave a trail in our words; and graduates into fixation in our actions or behavior which culminates in the definition of our character and determines the direction of our destinies.

Habit is the repetition of thoughts that leads to the repetition of actions or words which grows to become an addiction, mannerism, custom, or our nature.

Habit is an established mental condition that produces manifested actual condition. Habits are automatic responses to stimuli that birth consequences or results in life.


Habits are unconscious behavioral patterns that could either be self-defeating or self-improvement-enhancing.

You must break those habits that break down success possibilities and take up those practices that initiate and strengthen success habits that produce rewards.

Your current level of results is being produced by your current habits. To alter your current results you must change your current habits. To leave your present level of success and move up higher you must drop some of your habits that limit your success growth.

Success doesn’t just happen but rather success is made to happen by developing success habits. Your future unfolds according to the habits you uphold.

The effect of many poor habits catches up later in life with negative consequences. The force of habit serves as a push to success or a pull to failure.

Established habits furnish the outcome of destiny.

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