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Any thought or action that you repeat over and over will eventually become a new habit.


To reach the top and sustain your place at the top in the game of life, you must develop and be committed to top-notch habits.

Habit is the autopilot of our lives that run our lives effortlessly without consciously thinking about what we are doing. I have read that up to 90 percent of our behaviors are based on habits.

Habits are routine; normal everyday behavior which undoubtedly produces results in our lives.

From our waking moments to the time of our night rest or sleep almost all our activities are habitual; performed without conscious thinking. These include the way we dress, brush our teeth, eat breakfast; get ready for the day etc. Habits make actions easy which saves time and effort.


Using an analogy; when you began learning how to drive you utilized your conscious mind-every action towards driving was deliberate or a voluntary motion meticulously wrought out.

You kept your mind focused on every step as you were learning how to drive. Your trainer began with the simple steps of driving until you learnt or effectively practiced the simple steps from one level to another.


As you repeated the act of driving through consistent practice your conscious mind transmitted or impressed on your subconscious mind the act of driving.

In other words, the act of driving moved from the conscious mind to the subconscious mind and you were able to master the act of driving or drive almost effortlessly without having to “think” on the next move to take; this frees your mind while your body runs on autopilot.

That’s the reason you can drive and also discuss with the person alongside you in the car without having to think about what you are doing.

You can also prove this: Have you ever driven from work to home and you suddenly find yourself at home but you can’t really figure out what really happened along the route or journey?

Your subconscious mind is driving your life. Your subconscious mind which is the seat of habits drives your life through the thoughts passed to it or impressed on it by your habitual thoughts.

 You have a habitual way of relating with your family; doing your work; dealing with people; handling your finances or income; handling your health and every important area of your life and these consistent practices known as habits determine your future.

We can wisely observe the outcome of every aspect of our lives to determine if we are manifesting good habits or exhibiting bad habits.

Our lives are upgraded by our habits; our lives are also degraded by our habits. Your life becomes upgraded to the quality of your good habits. Your life becomes degraded to the baseness or lowliness of your bad habits.

The condition of our lives is a reflection of the nature of our habits and to change our circumstances we must begin by changing our habits. However, changing habits attract a cost and also rewards.  

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