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  • Fertilize your dreams with your thoughts, words and actions if you must materialize them.
  • For a total turn out in your life give total time and attention to the realization of your dreams.
  • For your dreams to matter in life it must matter to the lives of people and it must make you to become a master over self.
  • Never think you know everything lest you lose everything.
  • When you deny your shortcomings you defy the remedy to your shortcomings which cuts short success.
  • Never be so consumed with your dream of “shooting for the stars” that you shut your sensitivity to the needs and desires of those around you.
  • Until your life becomes a flow of faith it will become floored by fear.
  • To be separated from your Creator is to be united with a tragic life.
  • When your dream is too big to contain it will be too powerful for your growth to be restricted.

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