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  • When you neglect little things you relegate the things that matter.
  • No man, no job is little – they could only be belittled by little minds but great minds takes care of the “little” for therein lies the seed of big things.
  • The slightest detail could derail into big problems if neglected.
  • We must appreciate the details if we must aggregate the details to huge significance.
  • Men fail when they stop to keep up the quest for success and keep on the course of success.
  • The conquest of failure is the triumph of success.
  • Our memories becomes a burden when we function from there.
  • To be pre-occupied with the past is to be occupied with backwardness which stops you from occupying your place in destiny.
  • We cease to grow when we ease out in comfort.
  • We must lead our lives if we must craft our success.

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