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  • Success is not a destination to think that you have arrived and unless you constantly strive for success you can’t arrive at a successful life.
  • When you are in pursuit of the success that others will approve of, you disapprove yourself of a fulfilled life.
  • To accept the challenges of success is to accept the commitment to grow.
  • Poverty is not the road to salvation but rather it is the outcome of selling oneself short.
  • Being alive is the only permission we need to succeed and our gifts and talents is our license to create wealth.
  • Until you feel that you deserve success, success will desert you.
  • You  don’t have a right to be financially rich just because you are good but rather you have the capacity to be rich when you know and understand how money works.
  • To eliminate the physical condition of poverty you must first eradicate the mental condition of poverty.
  • When your innermost desire is to become wealthy not to show off but rather to show up in elevating humanity, then ideas and opportunites to create wealth opens up to you.
  • Mismanagement of the mind and resources produces poverty.

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