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  • Self-blame frustrates self-development and promotes self-pity.
  • Until you know what you want you live in want.
  • Without a real goal there can be no real success and with a low goal is low self-esteem which delivers low returns for your inestimable self-value that had been short-changed.
  • Undefined goals leads to indefinite wait for success.
  • Until you understand the urgency of life you live in the expediency of the moment.
  • When you are engaged in the wrong goals you disengage from true success.
  • Until your calling becomes your vocation the room of fulfillment will be vacant in your heart.
  • Sharp practices cuts short “success” and immorality immobilizes destiny.
  • Taking shortcut cuts short “success” and also taking the long road enlongates struggle and toiling but taking the principled-centered route speeds up the process and delivers the promise of success.
  • When you make wisdom the obsession and goal of your life you have discovered the secret of greatness.

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