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  • Until you capitalize on your abilities you will be unable to capture the profitability of success.
  • When we do not learn from our failures we will be unable to grow out of failure into success.
  • Until you are quick to perceive the errors you commit to self-correct, success slows down and failure speeds up.
  • Until you take inventory of yourself you cannot re-invent yourself.
  • You must clear your own path if you want to plot your own path.
  • When you believe in luck you lock yourself out of success.
  • Until you recognize that what’s in you is responsible for success you will be unable to be response – able to succeed.
  • Until you stop asking “who did this to me?”and start asking “what’s in me that created this?”you will be unable to make your thoughts, feelings and actions work for you rather than work against you.
  • The practice of blaming others is the lure of failure and until you rise above the lure of failure to become absolutely responsible you become ensnared in failure.
  • To be content with failure is to live in contempt of success.
  • When you blame self you let it slip by and slide into repetition of the same error but when you take personal responsibility you self-correct for a change.

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