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  • When you count your blessings ratherthan your troubles you will make your blessings count.
  • You lose out of life when you lose out to worry.
  • Your life is reflectiveof your consciousness.
  • Gratitude gratifies the joy of living.
  • Until you enjoy what you have you will endure the life you live.
  • Never take your blessings for granted if you want to be granted greater blessings by life.
  • A cheerful attitude is a product of a grateful heart.
  • The “Will to fail” is a subconscious desire that drives the resignation of the “Will to succeed” to fate which makes destiny fatal.
  • “Fighting” the symptoms of failure is like beating the wind; until the cause of failure is recognized and eliminated the course of success cannot be initiated and run full course.
  • When we have the best of all reasons to fail, we lack the best of all reasons to succeed.

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