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  • A new lease on life comes with a new sense of purpose.
  • In cutting off failure from our lives we must court the learning process in an overall called failure in order to be united with the promise of success.
  • Success must be earned if it must be sustained.
  • To win the prize of success you must pay the price to succeed.
  • “Success” which leaves you empty inside is a mirage. To get off the tirade you must feel success and feel satisfied inward and keep growing success onward.
  • Until you are in tune with God you are out of sync with success.
  • The courage to be – is the strength to build up success.
  • Loss of hope indicates loss of gratitude.
  • When we focus on what we lack, we lack the will-power to move ahead; when we focus on what we have, we have the courage and confidence to multiply our blessings by our moves .
  • The complaining attitude makes life a platitude of a shadowy existence.

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