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  • When your working life becomes your productivity line you align with success.
  • Figure out “what works?” and you will earn more figures.
  • Hardworkis effort applied; dedicated work is effectiveness unleashed.
  • When you work on a lot things you make clutters; when you work on the right things you simnplify your life and amplify your success.
  • What gives the greatest return is the greatest value for the use of energy andtime.
  • “What works?” gives the greatest reward for the use of time and energy.
  • Never doubt yourself rather double the intensity of your belief lest you dabble into failure.
  • The “How can I?” question releases the “how to…” of accomplishments.
  • Until you develop the audacity to challenge the odds you can’t overcome the odds .
  • To run the success test is to test your limits.

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