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  • Every painful experience introduces you to yourself for the re-invention of self.
  • Pain are the prompters for life changes.
  • The individual who asks questions clears the doubt.
  • Work,Love and Play are the triplets cycle of a balanced life.
  • Never yield to temptation lest you yell in pain from the consequences of the temptation.
  • Until you max out your capacity you will lax out in the comfort zone of complacency.
  • There are no finish line to a limit breaker.
  • Until you think what works? Rather than more work, life will not work for you.
  • Hardworkis the survival mode; dedicated work is the relevance code which is the product of smart work.
  • More work does not necessary attract more returns on energy but rather “what works?” – will attract fortunes to you.
  • Hard work is not always the way out of a hard life but smart work is the smart way out of a hard life.

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