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  • Until you explore self you can’t maximize your life.
  • To accept who you are, you must know who you are and to grow you, you must know why you are.
  • Until you do what you love to do you won’t love life.
  • Your potentials are covered in an overall called passion.
  • Listen to your heart and you will hear the vibrations of what you love to do with your life – therein lies the rhythm of destiny.
  • Your life’s work is doing what you can instinctively do best and not just what you are good at.
  • Until you understand your unique talents you will be unable to fulfill your purpose.
  • Discover and develop your uniqueness and you will be grooming yourself for success.
  • Why you want to do what you want to do is as important as what you want to do – there lies the secret of a fulfilling life.
  • Life is beyond having dreams; life is about awakening the sleeping giant within.

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