When you change the way you think about yourself you change your response to life. How  you esteem yourself determines what you esteem as important in life and this shapes your response to situations.

The value you have placed on yourself determines the value you are willing to create for yourself and others, and this attracts the value you get from others and life. The value you have placed on yourself determines the level of your self-respect and the respect you accord to others; and this determines the respect you command from others.

The Big Question is: How do you esteem yourself? What is the extent of value you have placed on yourself? When you understand how you see youself you will understand the reason you see life the way you do.

Let’s carry out a personal evaluation:

  • Write out at least 5 strengths that accompany your personality; talents, gifts, qualities, and good points.  
  • Keep a record of your strengths; affirm your strengths.

Self-knowledge precede personal growth. Many people have focused on their weaknesses and when you focus on your weaknesses you will focus on the weaknesses of others and become critical and judgmental of others. That kind of attitude breeds friction in human relationships.  What makes you unique can make you relevant.

  • Build up on your strengths-Do something daily that will further strengthen your strengths; talents, gifts,  qualities, and good points.
  • Think of ways you can use your strengths to create value for yourself and others.


As you think of ways you can use your strengths to create value for self and others you must think Big. Never limit yourself rather stretch your potential and think possibilities.

  • Daily work on improving yourself – your strengths; talents, gifts, qualities, and good points. You can undergo training to further hone your skills in the area of your gifts or talents.
  • Let your self-talk be positive to build up your self-worth. Remember, when you build up a positive self-worth you build up a worthwhile life.


  • Make a committed decision to change.
  • Develop a burning desire to change.
  • Go for positive and relevant knowledge and grow in positive and relevant knowledge.
  • Practice or apply positive and relevant knowledge.
  • Guard your mind.
  • Separate yourself from your past.
  • Associate yourself with the right kind of people; Be in the right environment and depend on the Divinity within for the help you need.   


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