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  • Until you become aware of the consequences of your actions you will be unable to change the direction of your life.
  • Until you take initiative you can’t effect changes in your life.
  • You must have a daily accountability check to monitor your progress.
  • You attract into your life the people that harmonizes with the kind of person you are.
  • Mentorship comes with the readiness to be teachable.
  • Procrastination doesn’t make you ready; procrastination makes you lose out.
  • When you’ve found your purpose you’ve found your essence.
  • The level of your investment in your personal growth determines the level of your relevance to the world.
  • Recognizing your self-value is the first requirement to becoming a person of value.
  • To become a person of value you must see value in self and in others to create value for self and others.
  • The most important addition in life is the value you add to self and to others.   

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