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  • Those who build the future are those who maximize the present.
  •     When you look out for self you lock down potentials and lockout winning chances.
  • The individual who lives for himself lives for nothing.
  • Self-conceit is self-deceit.
  • Many people go through life not knowing what they want but desiring what others have, they, therefore, remain disillusioned.
  • Until worthwhile dreams are accomplished through the right means it becomes a worthless end.
  • “Safety first” is the statement for the insecure; “courage first” is the vocabulary of the great.
  • You don’t concentrate on risk rather you mitigate risk.
  • When you play not to lose you learn to lose; when you play to win you learn to win and you earn whatever you learn.
  • To take a chance, take the lead.
  • If the world doesn’t make a way for you, plot your own path and the world will find its way to you.

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