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  • You never have a big break until you take a big shot, you never take a big shot until you have big thoughts.
  • Spend within your means, invest in your dreams, and live within your dreams.
  • Don’t stay the way you are; grow who you are and outgrow where you are.
  • To make room for growth is to give room for success.
  • There are opportunities everywhere but scarce recognition of opportunities anywhere.
  • Mental slavery is the worst and most prevalent form of slavery in the world that dominates human lives.
  • Until you are mentally free you live in bondage.
  • If you devalue your dreams you demean your worth.
  • The world shakers are the change-makers.
  • Obstacles can either make you grow or make you shrink but you get to choose.
  • What you do daily shapes what you are becoming daily.

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