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  • In the quietness of the mind, the soul knows ease and when the soul knows ease life becomes easy to bear.
  • Embrace the fear that restrains you from doing wrong but eject the fear that constrains you from living your dreams.
  • Until you think ahead you can’t move ahead.
  • Reliving your past hurt is living in fear and perpetuating pain into the future.
  • “Everyone does it” is a self-sabotaging statement rooted in self-deceit that has ravaged many “could have been” great destinies.
  • Twisted speech thwarts destiny.
  • A life without caution is a life headed as a casualty.
  • When we eliminate fear and selfishness we eradicate the cause of all human problems.
  • In the heart of unconditional love, the root of fear dies.
  • Whatever you feed your mind on grows and dominates your life; whatever you starve withers and dies; feed your faith and starve your fear.

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