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  • Leave your fear behind and reach for your dreams.
  • Move through your fears and you will grow your faith and move beyond your fears.
  • When you are willing to take a chance you grow your chances of succeeding.
  • The risk-takers are the dream-takers.
  • Be willing to put it all on the line if you want to be on the front-line of destiny.
  • Never conform to the status quo if you want to transform yourself.
  • Never step back in fear but rather step up your faith and step out with courage and step into your dreams.
  • Keep score for success and double the rate of success.
  • Rejection does not mean ejection from the success route but rather an injection of success drive to overcome the detours on the success route.
  • Passion propels mission.
  • The right to freedom is the right to love.

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