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Whatever you give clarity of thought and feeling will be manifested in your life or attracted to you.

Never dwell upon what you don’t want to bring about. If you think with clarity of thoughts about disease or death and attach feelings to it all the while verbally expressing your fears (whatever you focus your mind on and emotionalize you will verbalize or voice out) you will attract into your life sooner or later.

Conversely, if you think health, wealth and success; you feel health, wealth and success by getting really interested in health, wealth and success then you have created in the mental world that will be manifested or attracted to you in the material world.

The issue lies that many people are focused and are really interested in the negatives of life such as lack, diseases or sickness, character flaws, failure, weaknesses, etc.  

The reason many people manifests negativity or negativity is attracted to their lives is because of their inability to manage their minds. The mismanagement of the mind breeds failure in life, unhappiness, relational crisis or friction, poverty or lack, character defects, leadership failure – the list could go on and on. Mind management is the gaining of life mastery.

Life will give you not what you wish for or what you “think” you want but life will give you what you subconsciously want. And you attract into your life people, events and circumstances that correspond with what you really are. You get delivery from life what you get really interested in.

Rid your mind from accommodating what you are not interested in and you will reap success. Whatever you get really interested in, you will develop the consciousness of it and consciousness acts as a magnetic field that attracts the people, ideas, circumstances and events that helps you bring whatever you want into manifestation, all the while propelling you to take corresponding actions to bring what you want into fruition or manifestation.

Right thinking eradicates the wrong manifestation of negative attraction.


To get rid of sickness-       think health; be interested in health

To get rid of lack-               think abundant supply; be interested in abundance.

To get rid of discord-         Think harmony; be interested in harmony.

To get rid of vices-             Think virtues; be interested in being virtuous.

To get rid of strife-             Think peace; be interested in peace

To get rid of failure-          Think success; be interested in success

To get rid of greed-            Think generosity; be interested in becoming generous

To get rid of selfishness – Think love; be interested in becoming loving.

To get rid of negativity-    Think positively; be interested in becoming positive.

Replace wrong thinking with right thinking; get interested in right thinking and it will produce the right living. Remember, you are to manifest God on earth and to manifest God is to manifest all good and love.

Therefore, focus on the good and be in the flow of love and you will gain mastery over life.

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