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We are on earth to grow, develop and expand spiritually, mentally and materially. Until growth and expansion are in place life becomes a domain of emptiness and frustration where lustful craving is used as a means to fill the void.

By default, we are held down in our minds due to conditioned thoughts or habits of thought; suggestions from other people; tradition; people’s expectations and other external factors. However, to breakthrough from your present condition and breakout into life mastery, you must become highly intentional about life.

What we term as “experiences” is just a projection of our beliefs and for the most part many of our beliefs may not be founded on Truth but on our perception of truth. Remember, beliefs always become reality irrespective if it is a true or false belief.

I do not buy into the popular belief that experience is the best teacher. The experience could teach us valuable lessons if we learn and grow from it, discovering the right thing to do to get the right result. And frankly, if you want to live life by trial and error to gain all the experiences you may end up becoming worst. That’s the reason life is governed by Truth or fundamental principles or laws that makes life work when applied, thereby gaining life mastery.   

However, I believe that the Divinity within is the best Teacher. If you are on a Truth-quest and seek eternal principles that govern life and make life work and train yourself to heed and follow the leading within in the affairs of life you will enjoy amazing success in the domain of life and gain life mastery.

Instinct will make your life distinct. And your moral conscience if adequately trained and obey its unerring guidance will rid life of wrong actions or choices with negative consequences or experiences.

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