Mental Diet


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  • Choose a problem you want to get rid of in your life in order to improve your life.
  • Choose not to disclose your intention to anyone.
  • Choose to change your mind in regards to the situation.  For instance rather than thinking about the disease or lack or that character flaw focus your mind on sound health, abundant supply or the virtue you want to cultivate.
  • Maintain sustained focus on what want.  As you begin this practice you may slip back to the old pattern of thinking about what you don’t want from time to time because of habit of thought. Don’t give up rather set up yourself to break the self-sabotaging pattern and establish a new thinking pattern by getting on focusing your mind on what you want. 
  • As you relax and focus your mind on what you want you are establishing a new way of thinking thereby making it easier each time until it becomes your new normal or an established habit.
  • Affirm aloud what you want to affix in your life. Affirm it in the positive. For instance, I am prosperous in all my works and in all my ways or I am full of life and sound health.
  • Go ahead and act as if you’ve got what you want.
  • When you’ve mastered that particular problem by creating the needed changes from the inside-out. Move on to another problem until your entire life is changed.
  • Keeping your mind focused on only what you want is the key.   


Do not talk about the problem or act as if it still exists. Remember, if it does not exist in your mind it will not become your reality.

Rid yourself from the false belief or bondage of lack, disease, resentment, hatred, fear and the negatives of life-Begin to think or focus your mind on what you want; have faith in God that it is accomplished and act out as if it is already done.

Remember, to gain life mastery life must be lived from the inside-out rather than from the outside-in.

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