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  • The future you cannot create you cannot seize.
  • Set back is not an excuse to step back and settle for defeat rather it is an opportunity to bounce back and step up into a new level of success.
  • You must have a back up plan for set back plunge by practicing crisis anticipation.
  • To continually forge ahead you must think continually think ahead.
  • Live within your income but think beyond your income.
  • When you look into the future what do you see? What you see will determine what you prepare for and what you prepare for determines what you will seize.
  • Your ability to learn new skills is your ability to kill inertia to success.
  • Financial reserve is the escape route out of the consequences of financial setback.
  • Prepare mentally, financially and physically in advance for progressive advancement in life.
  • To achieve a different result you must think differently and act differently.

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