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  • You don’t need to consult anyone to live your dreams rather you need to be resolute to live your dreams.
  • A clear-cut goal clears the way for success to be achieved.
  • The goal that energizes you fuels your passion that drives success.
  • Translate the pain of your past to a purpose for the future.
  • Your appetite for wisdom creates your capacity for success.
  •  The most valuable treasure on earth is wisdom.
  • High-fliers are the residual of confidence and humility.
  • Good things happen to those who sow the seeds of goodness in the lives of others without expecting a reward from them but rather expect good things to happen to them from life orchestrated by God.
  • Your conscience must be at peace for your life to be at ease.
  • Great ideas are surged when the conscience is purged.
  • Confidence thrives when inner peace abounds.

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