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  • Engaging in idle gossip is to be engaged in a setback.
  • Focusing on the trivial aspects of our lives is focusing to be little.
  • Unhealthy diet sabotages healthy living.
  • When we spend more money than we make, we make ourselves poor.
  • To fail to invest in your future is to infest your future.
  • To avoid necessary conflict is to live with unnecessary inflict.
  • Failure to tell the truth is to live in error and yell in failure.
  • Failure to ask for what you want is failure to get what you want.
  • To have an excuse for everything is to live in exclusion of everything.
  • Getting stucked in conditioned responses establishes the present condition of our lives.
  • Regaining control of the territory of your mind is the gaining of your life.
  • To create agreat life; your thoughts, your words, and deeds must become intentional.
  • Your thoughts; your mental images and your behavior are continually shaping ypour life experiences.

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