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  • Growth comes in the process of time and the way to the top is simple but not easy.
  • The lucky breaks of life is created through the process of preparation.
  • A life of consistent success is produced by a lifestyle of personal growth.
  • Until you live with a sense of urgency life becomes state of emergencies.
  • Your philosophy is revealed in the way you live rather than by what you say.
  • When you seize growth opportunities you seize opportunities for advancement.
  • Your commitment to maximizing your life hinges on your commitment to personal growth.
  • When you don’t know what to do with your life you won’t know what to do with your time on earth.
  • To know what to do with your life but not to do it, is living in cycle of self-defeat.
  • Without a sense of direction in life there would be no sense of fulfillment.

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