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  • Your world opens up when you open up to unlearn, learn, relearn and grow.
  • Your world expands when your mind expands.
  • Intention is not good enough rather action is good enough; and producing the intended result is better than good enough.
  • Accomplishmnents plateau when personal growth stops.
  • You never become a candidate of success until you admit you don’t have all the answers and you can never find the answers until you admit you don’t have the answers; admitting you don’t have the answers is your admission into the school of success and what you do with the answers you find makes you a certified success or a drop out in the school of success.
  • Never fear making mistakes but rather fear the mistake of being grounded by fear.
  • Mistakes are feedbacks that you are missing the steps to take up success.
  • The winning lane is progressive growth –the farther you go the more  and clearer you see.
  • A life of dedicated personal growth is a life of dedicated speed of accomplishments.
  • To get ahead associate with people who are ahead of you and go ahead and learn from them.

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