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Positive and Relevant Knowledge must be applied for it to become Actual Power. No matter the amount of positive and relevant knowledge you learn until it is put to practice it remains potential power. Potential Power does no good until it is translated into Actual Power through use.  

The extent to which you put positive and relevant knowledge to use will be the extent to which you create value for yourself and others. In other words, the extent to which you acquire and apply positive and relevant knowledge to your life will be the extent to which your life becomes positive and relevant.  

Therefore, it is not what we know or how much we know but what we do with what we know that counts and makes a difference in our lives.   

To apply positive and relevant knowledge:

  • Be committed to thinking new and higher thoughts.
  • Be committed to seeking new and better ways.
  • Be committed to grow your mind and change yourself.

Remember, until what you do with what you know counts, you cannot count on what you know.

To deal with wrong thinking you must protect or guard your mind against the old thoughts, attitudes, and behavior that had held you in bondage. You must protect or guard your new and higher way of thinking against the old programming and limiting suggestions from people.

Old habits or bad attitude never wears out automatically until the new thought habits and attitude weighs in to settle. You must guard the territory of your mind to ward off the attack of the old thinking patterns.

The mind could be likened to a battlefield; whenever you permit the old thinking pattern to rule, you weaken the new and higher way of thinking; when you guard your mind and permit the new and higher thinking pattern to rule, you weaken and dominate the old thinking pattern until the new and higher way of thinking becomes your New Normal.

This is not automatic or an event but a process. Guarding your mind is a lifestyle and a lifetime responsibility in order to shield your mind from negative, limiting, corrupting, and contaminating influences.


Guard the Three Gates to Your Mind:


What we see, watch, and read implants images in our minds. And these mental images play frequently on the screen of our imagination and eventually manifest themselves in our behavior, experience, and the events of our lives. Therefore, we must guard what we allow our minds to feed on through our eyes.


What we hear determines our feelings or the emotions in our lives. It determines the content or the quality of our self-talk or internal communication that goes on within us forming our self-image and our perception of people, life, and our world. Therefore, we must take heed of what and who we pay attention to.


Our words reveal the content of our minds. Our words affect our attitude and the attitude of others. Therefore, we should choose words that build; uplift, and bless both our lives and the lives of people we have dealings with. 

Therefore, reject any negative and limiting thoughts from your mind before they can be verbally expressed or voiced out and before you act on them. Guard your mind and you shield your life from error and failure.  

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