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  • When you appreciate people your relationship with them appreciates.
  • When you specifically praise people you specifically raise their value.
  • Reality begins in the mind and shows up as manifestation.
  • The conquest of mental poverty is the eradication of physical condition of poverty.
  • True wealth is not just the material things acquired but the heart qualities cultivated; it is not in what you pile up for yourself but it is what you give up for others.
  • Money-making is building the portfolio but life-making is building the man.
  • The real dreamers are the doers in the world.
  • How high you climb in the world depends on how high is the level of your expectancy.
  • You must “burn your bridges behind you” if you do not want to ever retreat into failure.
  • Opportunities are always available to those who go for it rather than wait for it; those who create opportunities rather than whine about the lack of it.

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