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  • Resolve to be yourself or you will revolve into self-loathe.
  • Make your own impression on your own unique expression.
  • Character is not a factor of success; it is the bedrock of success.
  • You end up doing evil when you neglect to choose well.
  • To secure a stand in the frontline of destiny you must withstand the opposition trying to pull you down.
  • To become a change maker is to become controversial.
  • Don’t be afraid of what others say about you but only be afraid of what you say about yourself.
  • To keep your dreams alive is to work it out.
  • The nobodies are those who do nothing but yet want something.
  • Laziness is laxity.
  • Its only deeds that deals out results.
  • Hard work exempts you from hard luck and smart work exempts you from a hard life.

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