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  • Courage is the womb of all virtues.
  • The will to win over fear is the will that aligns with the Divine will.
  • When you set your mind on the negative fear settles in; when you set your mind on the positive you settle for faith.
  • The torment of fear breeds on the torrents of falsehood.
  • The threat of fear is a call to be strengthened with faith.
  • Our free will to will to win over fear.
  • When faith speaks fear is silenced and when faith enters fear exits.
  • Your trust in the omnipotence of God is the potent force of faith.
  • When you stop living by feelings you cease living in fear; when you start living by eternal principles of God’s word you become rooted in faith.
  • Never back-off in fear but rather bank on faith.
  • Never run away in fear but rather rush in with faith and you will walk out with your dreams.

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