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  • Faith cancels fate.
  • We all have equal access to God with equal access to a great life but through choice an unequal level of intimacy with God and understanding of how life works – that is the key distinction.
  • You can sell all you can by selling what you are.
  • Until you know what you want you will live in want.
  • Success is not created by “wishing” but rather success is initiated by intensified desire. 
  • A definite sense of purpose leads to a definite sense of accomplishment.
  • Never undermine a determined mind.
  • Discover what you can distinctly do well than anyone else, focus your time and energy in perfecting your craft and you will be carving your niche in the world.
  • Your special gift can make for destiny lift if you make it spectacular in excellence.
  • Find out one thing you can do best and give it your best and you will leave the rest of mediocrity and live your best.
  • Success is found within you and until you understand your powers you will underrate your existence.

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