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  • Your success is your personal responsibility – it cannot be delegated.
  • You can never succeed with your life unless you know about yourself and to know about yourself is to know who you really are and how your past have shaped who you’ve become in order to fashion who you are becoming.
  • To learn the business of living is to be educated in the business of succeeding.
  • When you equate success solely with material possessions you become sorely dehumanized by its trappings.
  • Until you are at peace with yourself you are out of pace with success.
  • Until you fashion your own brand of success your taste of “success” will be bland.
  • Success is a personal thing and if it is a personal thing then the definition of success must be subjective – reflective of your unique life’s purpose.
  • You do not need to be acknowledged by the outside world to succeed but rather you need the knowledge of your life’s purpose to succeed.
  • The definition of success exist within your own heart rather than on the specification of success given by the outside world.
  • To live successfully is to live purposefully.
  • Without inward joy and satisfaction “success” becomes a condensed failure.

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