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  • You either create an environment that is conducive for your personal growth or you change to an environment that is supportive of your personal growth.
  • You either live your life by default or you lead your life by design.
  • Until you can account for every waking hour spent, you will be unable to make your life count for the time you lived.
  • Until you are proactive, you will become reactive; until you live life with a sense of urgency, you will spend life in a state of complacency.
  • The rest of life work efficiently when you manage your life effectively.
  • You either develop strategies to succeed or you develop excuses for failure.
  • We get the best out of life when we give our best to life with all we’ve got.
  • Develop workable systems that fast-tracks success in your life.
  • Work with priorities and work on priorities.
  • When you undervalue time you minimize  life.
  • The misuse of time is the tragedy of life.

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