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  • Visualization produces materialization.
  • When believe that anything is possible, nothing will be impossible for you.
  • Never waste time worrying about your life; never spend time wandering about what people are thinking about you but rather invest time working out your dreams.
  • When you are working for the good of all, the Universe and all it contains will work for you to work out your success.
  • Every seeming disadvantage has an advantageous gift within when you seek for the advantage.
  • When you see opportunities in every interaction you will seize opportunities in every interception.
  • The go-getters are goal-setters.
  • Measurable goals are implementable goals.
  • When you write out your goals you will reach out to go for it.
  • The essence of goals is to cause you to grow.
  • When you pre-judge people you pre-set yourself to fail.

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  1. That’s wonderful. I believe in the amazing powers of visualization. It is the secret that most millionaires have ever used to attract wealth from the Universe. It works. There is immense power embedded in your mind. Thanks for the beautiful motivation

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