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“Without mental transformation, the actions we take to ‘change’ may only produce a new place where we continue to do our old things.”

  • Myles Munroe

Everyone seeks change, however, many people seek change in the wrong places.

Many people have stepped into a new place and at times by all means – a new job; received a new title; earned a new qualification or added more credentials; married a new spouse; got into a new relationship; bought a new car; moved into a new geographical location; moved into a new house; started a new business; began a new career; appointed a new position; bought and acquired new superficial things of life – only to experience the same cycle of frustration and unhappiness because though they stepped into a new place they brought their “old self” into the new place.

A new level of living really begins with a new and higher way of thinking. You can never solve a problem with the same level of thinking that created it. You can’t live a better life at a higher standard when you continue to act up in old ways. Old habits that self-sabotage won’t create a new fulfilling life.

A full bank account can’t fill up an empty inner life. The position does not equate disposition and until you elevate your disposition to match with your position, your position becomes a new place to self-sabotage. The remedy to poverty which represents lack in all its forms; the poverty of character; financial poverty; spiritual poverty; poverty of wisdom etc lies in Mind Transformation.

I believe as long as we live transformation is a vital necessity to living a maximized life. I also believe there are levels of transformation to consistently becoming all that we were created to be. In this series, we will be dealing with mental transformation which is the key to life transformation.

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