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There must be good communication that links pilots and air traffic controllers which also depends upon each side clearly expressing their needs. The safety of the flight is so crucial that the air traffic controllers demand they be repeated word-for-word in order to avoid a collision on the ground or in the air.

So it applies, to your conscious mind which could be likened to the air traffic controller, and the pilot which could be likened to your subconscious mind. I will be introducing the Divine Mind or the God Mind which empowers our minds to function in an extraordinary way producing extraordinary results and creating an extraordinary life.

The conscious mind is the mortal, finite mind-it is destructible when the physical body ceases to be. It is our direct contact with the objective world; it is objective in nature. It sees the facts of life-life as it appears to be that made up an illusion rather than seeing the eternal truth or Life principle that makes up reality. Therefore, it sees limitations, poverty, disease, sickness, and death rather than seeing limitless possibilities, infinite riches, and perfect health. It operates through the use of the five senses sight, sound, smell, taste, and feeling; it governs the five physical senses. It is often called the feeling mind.

The conscious mind is where reasoning and thought processes are carried out-it compares and contrasts. It is the rational mind. It is analytical in nature. It discriminates between right and wrong, wise and foolish-it chooses or decides.

The conscious mind gains knowledge through observation, experience, and education. It is the gate-keeper of the entire mind; the place where thoughts and suggestions are accepted or rejected which means that the mind operates selectively and judgmentally.

The subconscious mind depends on the conscious mind for all its impressions; it does not reason inductively. All thoughts that are accepted in the conscious mind are being transmitted, permeated, or impressed on the subconscious mind which carries them out to their logical conclusion.

The subconscious mind operates independently of the five physical senses; it perceives by intuition and instinct. It is the seat of habits, emotions, and the bank of memory. It acts as a bridge that connects the Divine mind with the conscious mind.

This implies that it serves as a medium of communication between the conscious mind and the Divine mind or the God mind when intelligently directed. It controls all the involuntary and vital functions or processes of the body such as secretions, breathing, circulation of blood, digestion, assimilation, elimination, etc. The subconscious mind builds; repairs and operates the body.

 Whatever thoughts are impressed on your subconscious mind are expressed as your circumstances, experiences, and events of your life. Every thought or suggestion reaching the subconscious mind through the conscious mind is classified and recorded in the same manner files are classified and stored in a filing cabinet and could be withdrawn for use when needed. 


The underuse and misuse of the subconscious mind is the fundamental cause of all failures in the world. The subconscious mind wields almost unlimited power; can keep you in perfect health and magnetize all the good things of life to you. Thoughts and ideas are transmitted to the subconscious mind through repetition, faith, and expectancy. Your subconscious mind is continuously shaping and forming your experience.

The subconscious mind is subjective to suggestion. It is a faithful servant that will carry out orders without argument. Just like the air traffic controllers gives instructions to the pilot and the pilot carries out the order without question, the conscious mind issues out orders, and the subconscious mind; an obedient servant carries it out to its full implementation creating your life experience.

If the suggestions given to the subconscious mind are erroneous or negative or even destructive the subconscious mind will still execute it, manifesting it in your body, condition, and experience.

To change any erroneous or negative impression on the subconscious mind there must be a habitual repetition of constructive, positive, and harmonious thoughts by the conscious mind mixed with faith which is transmitted to the subconscious mind for execution.

The subconscious mind is the Divinity within us when aligned with the Divine Mind. Your subconscious mind working harmoniously with the Divine mind can perform immortal deeds and extraordinary feats, and birth mind-blowing ideas. The subconscious mind is deathless, tireless, and sleeps-less.

The Divine mind has infinite power and unlimited wisdom. Behind every wonder of creation is the manifestation of the Divine Mind at work. Behind every invention, inspiration, art, music, and writing that has positively impacted lives and transformed destinies is the God-Mind at work.

The Divine Mind releases ideas and suggestions to the subconscious mind that is rightly positioned and receptive to them. The Divine Mind is the still small voice within that stills life’s tempest and distills the negatives out of life and gives our lives unerring guidance.

The Divine mind empowers the subconscious mind to be invincible, powerful, and limitless. In fact, the subconscious mind is one with the Divine Mind but a separate entity from it, likened to a river that receives its water from the ocean, having the same chemical properties but a difference in volume.

The Divine Mind is the storehouse of infinite wisdom, power, and supplies to meet every need in your life but you must know how to access this Limitless Treasure. We can tap into the flow of the Divine Mind through the subconscious mind and become one with the Divine Mind full of wisdom and power; the only difference is the volume of wisdom and power we possess.

To live an extraordinary life these three levels of mind as it were must function or work in harmony. That pre-supposes that you must live from the inside out. Living from the outside in is a life controlled by the senses which breed failure, and limitations and makes people become victim to the circumstances of life.

As King Solomon states, “Keep and guard your heart (subconscious mind) with all vigilance and above all that you guard, for out of it flows the springs of life” (paraphrase) is one of the greatest counsels of all time.

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