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The control tower determines the overall success of the flight. In other words, if the Air Traffic Controllers (A.T.C) misdirects the flight or fails to foresee and inform the pilot of pending danger in the airspace or on the ground-the flight will be faced with danger of airplane crash.

On the other hand, the pilot has been well trained or “programmed” to receive and act on orders from the control tower without questioning the authenticity of the information or trying to defy the order in any way.

So it applies. Your mind which exists in two levels: the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. The conscious mind could be likened to the air traffic controller while the subconscious mind could be likened to the pilot and the flight could be likened to the affairs of your entire life.

Just like the air traffic controller, the conscious mind directs the pilot which could be likened to your subconscious mind. In this scenario, the pilot or the subconscious mind only follows orders-the the subconscious mind does not rationalize or question the authenticity of the instruction or talk back in defiance to the air traffic controller or your conscious mind.

Invariably, the work of the air traffic controller is to issue out instructions to the pilot and the pilot is to carry out or execute the instructions. Likewise, your conscious mind in which you have absolute control over is always instructing and directing the subconscious mind. That means your conscious mind is the director of your destiny flight-body, circumstances, and your entire life affairs.

All these imply that the subconscious mind carries out or executes what your conscious mind accepts and believes without rationalization or questioning the authenticity of the idea or suggestion. That’s the reason any belief you accept as true or you uphold in your mind even when it is a false belief becomes your reality.

Unfortunately, many destinies have experienced a flight crash; financial crash; emotional crash; relationship crash; career crash; health crash; vision crash; leadership crash because of the beliefs (thoughts, suggestion or idea accepted by the conscious mind) upheld by the conscious mind which penetrates into the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind executes it through the law of attraction.

You are in direct control and have absolute control over your conscious mind, for you alone absolutely determine and choose what you think and how you think. You only have indirect control over your subconscious mind through your conscious mind. In other words, you are free to choose or control your thoughts, however, you cannot choose or control the consequences of those thoughts in your life because your subconscious mind takes over and implements those thoughts in your life outside your control.     

The law of the mind states, “You will get a reaction or response from your subconscious mind according to the nature of the thought or idea you hold in your conscious mind”. Therefore, hold only the thoughts you want to see manifest in your behavior and in your entire life; hold the good, harmonious, constructive, positive, true, great and grand thoughts and it will be attracted to you like the experiences, people, circumstances,  and events that harmonizes with these thoughts.  


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