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The Cambridge Dictionary defines a control tower as a building at an airport from which air traffic is watched and directed.

Your mind which is characterized into two levels: the Conscious mind and the Subconscious mind could be likened to a control tower that controls and directs your entire life. Where your mind is set (mindset) determines the course of your life.

What you set your mind on settles in your life. What you set your mind on you begin to practice as your behavior. What you set your mind on becomes the controlling force of your life. What you set your mind on determines what you attract into your life

The kind of thoughts you think determines the kind of life you live. Your habitual thinking determines your actual living. When your mind thinks correctly your life will work correctly.

When you begin to control your thought processes you begin to harness your resources for a maximized life. To take charge of your mind is to take charge of your life. What you focus on becomes the controlling force of your life. Whatever is impressed in your mind will be expressed in your life.

The mind could also be likened to a bush or a garden depending on the use to which it is put. The bush is an open and disorganized natural system that is allowed to run wild. The bush is open to all kinds of influences that may want to gain entrance into it without restriction.

The bush is an inaccurate system that represents nature in its chaotic form; it is an embodiment of inaccuracy and falsehood that is a deviation from the way things really are. The reverse is the case with regard to the garden.

The garden is a natural system that is well-planned and organized; the seeds planted in it are deliberately chosen and specifically mapped out in the soil. The garden is diligently guarded; protected from intruders such as weeds that may choke the seeds in it. It is a well-nourished environment that demands controlled attention.

So it applies, a well-tended mind is like a garden where constructive and harmonious thoughts (seeds) are deliberately chosen and cultivated and well-nourished, all the while uprooting every useless, false, and unwanted thought (weed). A well-tended mind is organized and well-guarded or protected from the suggestions or opinions of people that are negative and false.


Unlike the garden or well-tended mind, the bush kind of mind is uncontrolled; anyone can just dump “garbage” in it because that kind of mind is like an open field and is receptive to all kinds of suggestions or information without scrutiny. People can dump ideas or suggestions of fear, falsity, and negativity in it because the individual carelessly or ignorantly does not recognize and realize the garbage and its effects on her destiny. This produces stinking thinking which produces undesirable circumstances, events, and experiences in life.

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