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A caterpillar undergoes an absolute change in form when it spins a cocoon; puts itself into an uncomfortable position and through the process of time transforms into a butterfly. With this change, the butterfly can do different things and live a different kind of life that could not have been possible before.

The caterpillar that once crawled on branches and leaves with its long, fuzzy body transforms into a beautiful butterfly. The metamorphosis of a caterpillar reveals to us insight that is mind-illumining.

The caterpillar’s action or accomplishment is limited by crawling on branches; this is a limited and stagnating experience. However, the caterpillar views its situation or circumstance and instinctively desires change.

What amazes me is the wisdom the caterpillar displays in effecting changes in its destiny. Rather than seeking for outward things to change to improve the quality of its life experience; the caterpillar knows better-the caterpillar spins a cocoon and puts itself in an uncomfortable position. The caterpillar understands that for its circumstances to change it must originate from within through self-discipline, effort, and time.

Consequently, the caterpillar forsakes immediate gratification alongside excuses, rationalization, and comfort to bring about enduring changes in its destiny. The process of change may not feel good but it sure produces good results.

The caterpillar through the process of time transforms into a butterfly by breaking free from its cocoon. The caterpillar is fully aware that making inward changes that produce outward changes takes time which is the growth process and it is not a quick fix.

As the caterpillar grows, develops, and matures inwardly, the cocoon can no longer confine its destiny. Rather than continue to live in a shallow, narrow world of the cocoon. The caterpillar transforms itself into a butterfly; possessing a different form, ability, and experience a new quality of life with a high soaring destiny. Until you “become” you cannot “achieve”.

Therefore, the ability of the butterfly to achieve or accomplish results and experience a different kind of life hinges on the transformation that takes place within.

Real change emanates from the inside out.


The illustration above of the process of a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly absolutely depicts what transformation in human life entails.

Unfortunately, many people avoid inward change while seeking outward change:

  • It is rather uncomfortable to confront the truth about ourselves and embrace a change of mind.
  • it is rather easy to hold onto an old thought pattern that is self-sabotaging than to embrace and work on developing new ways of thinking.
  • it is rather comfortable to hold onto old and toxic or unhealthy associations or relationships than to stay alone for a while to build up and initiate or attract new healthy relationships or associations;.
  • it is rather easy to engage in old self-defeating behavior than to practice new ways of living. However, the easy route and the comfort zone exist in the arena of failure. 

Transformation entails change and change is the product of growth-growth is the constant in the success factor. To undergo transformation is to embrace truth and to embrace truth is to make the needed mind changes which result in lifestyle changes that attract constructive, harmonious, and desirable circumstances.

The greatest change you will have to make to transform your life is to change who you spend most of your time with. Any companion or association that is not supporting your upward growth is leading you downhill. Any association that is not helping you to become all that you were created to be is stopping you from becoming all that you were created to be.

Eagles do not dine with chickens, and neither do lions dine with pigs. Eagles soar with other eagles and lions move with lions because they understand that mentality is contagious.

Consequently, if the eagles must soar and become the king of the birds and the lion must roar and become the king of the jungle they must protect their mentality from depreciating and keep an appreciating mentality.  Remember, destiny demands a mentality.

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