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Until you work on your mind, nothing works effectively in your life. Until your mind functions correctly your life will never function correctly. And for your mind to function correctly your mind must be trained to function correctly through a mental transformation which leads to life transformation.

Unfortunately, many people only grow in age while defending what they know rather than seek to grow inside-out they remain bound to their circumstances unable to fulfill their destiny. Many adults have been conditioned to believe that learning, growing, and changing are for children or teenagers, and as for adults, they believe that they know it all through their experiences in life. They fail to understand that their experiences are only the projection of their belief system and if they know it all every aspect of their lives would be progressively fulfilling.

When you know and focus on the gains of mind transformation you will learn to love it and adopt it as a lifestyle. When your mind changes everything in your life changes. To change your mind you must change your conscious thinking or the idea or information you accept and dwell upon in your mind.

 “What determines what comes out of you is simply what is already in you. Your life is a manifestation of what is in you. Your marriage is a manifestation of what is in you concerning marriage. Your children are a manifestation of what is in you concerning children. Your finances are a manifestation of what is in you concerning finances. Your business or job is a manifestation of what is in you concerning work.”

            – CASEY TREAT.

The outcome of your life in every ramification is the product of your belief system in the different aspects of your life. For instance, if an individual’s dominant thought is survival or barely gets by in the area of finances thereby developing a need consciousness he or she can never become wealthy. Even if the individual were to be given millions of dollars in the process of a short time, the individual will be broke because his or her belief system cannot support and sustain the growth of wealth. It takes an individual with wealth consciousness and an abundant mentality to create, attract and sustain the growth of wealth.

The beginning of taking absolute responsibility for your thought processes and your life is the startup of change. Until you take full responsibility for your entire life you will engage in the blame game and the blame game conditions you to lose out in the game of life incapable of making progressive changes.

Examine the outcome of each area of your life and rethink what you believe in regard to each area. You can monitor your belief system by paying attention to your self-talk and conversations. Your words are reflective of your belief system or thoughts. If your words are limiting and negative and are based on false premise then you must change them by changing your mind one thought at a time. Thoughts are the forerunner of every action, consequently, you can also examine your behavior or actions to know what you truly believe in every important area of life so as to make needed changes. Identifying the root of the problem is a major step towards the solution.


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