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To be transformed entails living a new and higher way of life. And to live a new and higher way of life is to dwell upon new and higher levels of thinking which means you must constantly keep watch or guard over your mind by rejecting negative opinions or suggestions from external sources and also the unwanted thoughts that surfaces in the mind that are self-defeating. In other words, you have to think about what you are thinking about and the easiest way to know what you are thinking about is by what you are feeling. The negative feeling is reflective of negative thinking and positive feeling is reflective of positive thinking. Never allow negative and false thoughts to settle into your mind, reject it before it keeps your life in bondage.

Rejecting old ways of thinking is practicing new ways of thinking. You can only withdraw from the mind that which you have deposited into the mind. To withdraw success; prosperity; sound wisdom; sound moral character; harmonious and fulfilling relationships and peace of mind you must make adequate deposits into your mind which creates or attracts these states of life. Feeding your mind daily with good, clean, positive, and relevant information and dwelling upon them in your mind replaces the old ways of thinking and living. Studying and meditating on the Scriptures or God’s Word daily is a very powerful way of transforming your mind and life. God’s Word in the Bible contains Truths that when read, studied, meditated upon, confessed and practiced leads to absolute transformation of your mind and entire life; empowering you to live an extraordinary and fulfilling life.

Changing your self-talk is very crucial in mind transformation. Words recondition the subconscious mind and manifest into reality. Voice out your new way of thinking and living. Speak out only what you want to see manifest in your character, circumstances and your entire life. Emotionalized words mixed with faith and expectancy are very critical to manifestation. Remember, what you verbally express you impress on your subconscious mind.  

Therefore, think for a change and live to make changes by consistent mind transformation and your life will be transformed into a masterpiece.

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